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June 10th, 2014

Wedding, every bride is the protagonist, like Cinderella fairy encountered after becoming shiny. The choice of shoes for the bride, has a pivotal position. Choice of fabric shoes Often, people will wear at the wedding shoes. Because leather is suitable for most people, and shoes for the wedding dress is also easier to mix, even after the wedding, you can still continue to wear shoes, it is different from the wedding, a wedding wearing a lifetime. Satin embroidered shoes is one of the options. Satin shoes tend to be more delicate, narrow, it is suitable for narrow feet of the bride, coupled with the same fabric of the dress, a classic beauty suddenly appeared in front of the guests.

The height of the heel height of the groom are closely linked. Select the appropriate heel height, you can make the bride and groom look more matches. However, if the bride usually never wear nike high heels, it can never forced, it will make you walk unnatural, and a fool at the wedding, or even a sprain.

In addition, the bride bought in your shoes, it is best to wear every day at home about half an hour. Because the new women jordan heels may be uncomfortable to wear, just getting used to practice at home for a while, then it will not damage the shoes, they can make more new shoes fit.

Bride in wedding dress as impossible as the replacement ready thirty-four pairs of shoes, so the right shoes color is very important. Red is the preferred Oriental bride, it not only can be used with a white wedding dress, you can make even more dazzling red dress. UGG Sparkles I Do sequins bridal boots in the classic shoe models to be based on fresh and elegant cream cream-colored glitter sequins decoration, sweet but not greasy exudes pure atmosphere; This snow boots definitely for you as a ugg wedding boots.

If you have sufficient time to prepare for marriage, that the marriage pick their favorite pair of high heels, wearing in a few months time to practice it consciously, to the date of the marriage question naturally solved. I personally feel that Louboutin Mary Jane Escarpins brides are also very worthwhile to try high heels, Christian Louboutin is the world's leading luxury brands. It's high-heeled shoes have luxurious appearance and exquisite detail.